We are here to change the rules of the game. Will you share our VIZN?

We think the current market for Creative Arts is broken. It is too fragmented and needs a new solution, which both empowers and rewards artists for their creativity, rather than allowing work to filter across the Internet for free, or be paid for by running advertising on websites, monetizing traffic or selling data.

As an artist or a writer it is important for your content to reach the broadest audience possible. The individual photography, design, illustration and creative writing web sites that exist today are geared more towards the artist rather than the consumer and are often dominated by one particular style or genre and therefore don’t provide the tools or the right platform for the content to reach a broader audience than the enthusiast and professional community.

We believe that if you want to get your work in front of more people, it needs to be an engaging and user-friendly site for the broader Internet population.

We also believe that if a member of the public is interested in one genre of the creative arts such as photography, they are probably interested in graphic design, video multimedia, visual illustration or creative writing as well. We make it easy for all of the creative arts to be found in unison; whilst still respecting the desire for focus that the enthusiast and professional participants in the market are likely to still have for each specific subject with their own easy to reach channels.

Finally we believe we are here to tackle the true challenge facing the creative arts industry today - why show your work for free? Have you resorted to placing ugly watermarks to protect your images on free sites? Have you ended up writing interesting articles or stories that you give away for free in the hope that you’ll get more traffic and advertising revenues? Development work is fine to release into the public domain, but your best work deserves to both reach a broad audience and potentially earn you money from its success. Selling prints is also only a limited solution – how many people end up wishing they could afford to change the artwork in their home more often or don’t feel compelled to spend a large sum of money on a single piece of art?

With the proliferation of displays now in our homes and businesses – Smart TV’s, Tablets, Laptops and Digital Displays we now have the vehicle we need. Our Photoviewer application brings a new means to deliver on-demand visual content, to any internet connected device, whenever and wherever you want, without being device or operating system dependent. Even better, by paying a royalty to the artist in return for their work being viewed by anyone streaming the content, anywhere in the world we will bring a new revenue source to artists everywhere. Likewise our Storycaster application will bring the same virtues to written content, enabling writers to earn a royalty from consumers benefiting from their writing on an on-demand basis.

We are very excited about all aspects of the VIZN platform. We believe we can combine all of the creative arts under one solution, provide a new on-demand solution for visual and written creativity, and transform the current agency model to deliver a fairer deal for all artists.

Don’t hesitate to register today, to be able to join us on our journey.